Currently, we work on Waartaa whenever we find some free time off our work. Sometimes, we work before office hours and sometimes after office hours, and on weekends. Sometimes, we are hindered by blockers like extra work pressure at office, personal issues, etc., but we manage somehow to find some time for Waartaa. Nevertheless, we'd love to take a break from all distractions and focus on Waartaa full time.

Our target is to improve waartaa as much as possible and as fast as possible. So, I and Sayan would like to apply as a team to hack on Waartaa during the Open-Source Retreat program. It'd be great if Waartaa gets selected as a project and at least one of the maintainers, if not both, get a chance to work full time on Waartaa during this Open-Source Retreat program. No matter what happends, we are prepared for the following possible scenarios:

  • If Waartaa does not make it, we continue our part time development. It may take some time, but we'd complete what we started.
  • If one of us gets selected, one develops full time and the other does part time development (1X + 0.2X).
  • If both gets selected, we both develop full time (1X + 1X).

If selected, this grant will help us in accelerating the development of Waartaa and make it featureful and production ready at the earliest.