What is Waartaa?

Why Waartaa?

Waartaa took birth out of sheer necessity and due to a prevalent dissatisfaction with the existing IRC clients. Although, open source organizations tend to stick to IRC, smaller teams and startups started moving to other communication tools (e.g., Hipchat). I can think of some reasons for this migration:

  • No setup (SAAS)
  • Better clients:
    • always in sync
    • accessible from multiple devices
  • Better notification
  • Plethora of pre built plug-n-play plugins
  • Other communication modes: audio, video

With Waartaa, we are trying to solve the above issues around IRC and more. We believe that IRC is great for text communication. By building better tools around IRC, we can really play an important role in shaping up the future of open source communication and collaboration tools.

Current status

Waartaa is still in it's early days. We work on Waartaa after (or before) office hours and on weekends. Despite of the odds, we now have a proof of concept. Following is what we have implemented so far in Waartaa:

  • Realtime IRC client as a service
  • Centralized logging
  • 24x7 idling
  • Mail notifications
  • Intuitive UI

There are many people who use our demo instance at https://try.waartaa.com or use a self hosted version. Waartaa made it to Google Summer of Code 2014 as a project from Fedora. If everything goes well, we are considering to implement Waartaa to empower IRC communications in the community.