Waartaa 0.1-rc1 released!

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It's with great pleasure that we are releasing Waartaa v0.1-rc1. It'd never have been possible without the support of our contributors, users and well wishers. As of now, Waartaa packs in:

  • Basic IRC functionalities:
    • Join server and channels
    • Send PMs
    • Registering and identifying nicks
    • Change nick name
    • Change status
    • WHOIS
  • A few RAW commands are also supported:
    • WHOIS
    • JOIN
    • AWAY
    • PART
    • me
    • msg
  • 24x7 idling
  • Mail notifications when away
  • Central logging
  • Uniform access across multiple environments.

We have now frozen development of new features for Waartaa and will be focussing on bug fixes, fine tuninig and optimizations till the release of v0.1.

Please give waartaa a try at https://www.waartaa.com and share your valuable feedback at https://github.com/waartaa/waartaa/issues?state=open.

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