waartaa 0.2 released!

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Waartaa 0.2 is here! It's responsive, sleek and faster. Once again, a big thanks to the contributors to help us with Waartaa. Following is a summary of changes released in waartaa 0.2:

  • Improved client side routes
  • Mobile optimized UI
  • Server side tracking of unread logs count and unread mentions count
  • Lazy loading of chat logs, only when needed
  • Cache subscriptions across routes using subs-manager
  • Infinite bidirectional scrolling of chat logs using client side routes, maintaining only a window on N (configurable) pages of logs at a time
  • Permalink for each chat log
  • Update to Meteor 0.9.3
  • Improved Ansible scripts for setting up servers and deploying Waartaa

Source code: https://github.com/waartaa/waartaa/tree/0.2

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